Granger Frères

Our company, GRANGER FRERES, created in 1968 by a united and dynamic family team, is set up alongside the town of Sainte-Sigolène, close to the chief city of Lyon.

Our industrial plant, laid out 7 hectares of surface area, spreads out over nearly 30 000 m2 under cover and is capable of processing 80 000 tonnes of polyolefins per year.

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Keeping your fodder safe


Grangembal, specially designed for wrapping, is a blown, seven-layer coextruded film. Its black inside gives it optimum opacity. Its green outside allows it to lower the temperature inside the bale and to blend into the landscape.


Grangembal can be used for the storage of silage, straw or hay bales.





Stocking bales vertically, preferably where they are wrapped, on a flat surface with a two row maximum height.
Inspect the bales regularly and plug any holes with tape designed for this application.