Granger Frères

Our company, GRANGER FRERES, created in 1968 by a united and dynamic family team, is set up alongside the town of Sainte-Sigolène, close to the chief city of Lyon.

Our industrial plant, laid out 7 hectares of surface area, spreads out over nearly 30 000 m2 under cover and is capable of processing 80 000 tonnes of polyolefins per year.

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A little bit of History


The company was founded in 1968 by 6 members of the Granger family.


Activity starts in St Sigolène, on rue du Calvaire with small bagging as the major production. The products are destined for retailers.


It is really from 1975 that the sales skyrocketed with the explosion of the hygiene market. The production is oriented to plastic ribbons used as humidity barriers (diapers and sanitary napkins).

In the 1980s, Granger Frères contributed to the development of supermarkets by investing in a park of welders to produce shopping bags and trash bags. It was then decided that a modern fabrication division would be built in the Taillas industrial zone.


In 1985, Granger Frères started investing in co-extrusion to target what would become its main source of revenue : technical films. The staff at that time reached 75 members. Strong from its success, the company invested then regularly in high end materials by privileging the quality of the final product to target the adhesiving and complexing markets. From then on, the sales would increase constantly until eventually doubling the turnover between 1996 and 2000.


At the same time, the Granger society establishes a printing division in 1996, 'G'Imprim', located today in the Taillas industrial zone of Ste Sigolène. It is equipped with six 8 and 10 colour flexo printing lines.


By putting in service a 'dust free' factory in 2009, the company met the highest requirements in term of work habitat from the electronics, hygiene or food markets.


Today, the Granger Frères company counts around 150 staff members and can transform 80 000 tons of polyolefin every year.